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Western Command (mainland) meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month, 8:00 pm, at the Royal Canadian Legion Br. #263 at 1025 Ridgeway in Coquitlam. For the Coquitlam-challenged that would be one block North of Austin and one block East of Blue Mountain.

Western Command (Vancouver Island) meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month, 7:00 pm, at the Britannia Legion, 780 Summit Ave., Victoria.
Updated March 15th, 2014- St. Patrick's Parade Instructions
Dues is Due! You can pay at the meeting or mail your renewal in. See 'contact us' page for address information.


Western Command is already registered so you just have to show up, timings in the handout link below. If you've never been to this parade before, it's a really big deal - with crowds at least equal to the annual Hyack parade if not more. It's an easy parade route and we're amongst the virtual Who's Who of other vehicle collectors' clubs, service organizations, police and fire departments and other organizations, so it's a great way to show off your prized machine and a truly unique take on "the wearin' o' the Green!"

We're entry C-25, and we marshal in the curbside *southbound* lane (i.e. opposite traffic flow) on the Granville St. Bridge, 0930 hrs or thereabouts. Parade kicks off at 1100 hrs, but they don't want any last-minute confusion...plus it's always fun to hang out and drink coffee for a bit...then have a footrace to the nearest washroom (Timmy Ho's, for reference.)


Doolin's Irish Pub on Nelson has again generously agreed to rope off a section of their parking-lot for us and will have a table reserved downstairs, and, as this is literally right at the end of the parade route, you can have lunch and a pint of Guinness and put all your doors and tops back on the parking-lot versus trying to fumble with that stuff out on the street somewhere. We usually have a decent crowd looking over the vehicles there too.


Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade - Celticfest Vancouver
Sunday, March 16th, 2014

.I will soon add a permanent link button to the menu on the left of this page, but for now you can click the heading above to go straight to the photo section on the photo-sharing site Flickr, or click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/westerncommand and add it to your bookmarks. If you know how to use Flickr and want to be able to upload your own event pictures into an event-specific folder, just email me at the address on the 'Contact Us' page and I'll hook you up with the access information. Ideally we'd appoint someone to take care of the photo section as I don't have the time to process all the pictures people send me, but failing that I'll do what I can when I can. At the moment all the recent Freedom Route pictures are up, along with a short iPhone video I shot during the parade in Penticton. See 'Recent Events' below for a link to pictures of the Engineers 100th Anniversary which recently took place.


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Ottawa Puts the Brakes on Historical Troops



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Ottawa's new DND-wide motto now appears to be "In All Things, Liability", as an edict has come down with respect to vehicles - tracked and wheeled - and trailers (really, anything that you'd put a licence plate on) held by military museums in restored/ operable condition - that are "still on charge" or "on the unit D.A. account" (i.e., still belonging to the Queen.) This edict states that they're not to be licenced or driven. At all. Full stop. So no more parades, no more demonstrations of the M113C Lynx tracked vehicle at airshows...no more heritage vehicles out in support of commemorations and veteran's events.

This doesn't apply to vehicles owned outright by the various militia unit Museum Associations as they were either purchased by or granted to those Associations and are no longer on the Queen's books, so these could still go out to support events with volunteer crews. I hope to see that happen more often.

The other edict concerns Monument Vehicles. What was happening in the past is that demilled vehicles etc. still on a DA account (still belonging to the Queen) but transferred to Legions and Museums and so on for display were being worked on by volunteers so they could be driven in parades etc. rather than just rotting on a concrete plinth. Unfortunately, Ottawa has freaked out about the possible liability issues with respect to operation of this equipment still nominally belonging to the Queen, and has warned various organizations that the Monument Vehicles can and will be taken back if they're doing anything other than sitting on a piece of concrete. Apparently that happened recently with one piece of wheeled equipment at a local museum.

While I can understand where they're coming from, there should be some mechanism whereby museums can acquire operational examples for use in Remembrance Day parades/ events and other like functions, even if this involves some sort of formal crew training or extra levels of liability insurance. That's done in the 'states and in UK, and I doubt our veterans are any less worthy than theirs, plus, with budget cutbacks all over, there are only so many events DND itself can support. It really is win-win.



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