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Here's where you can post your items for Sale and items you'd like to Buy from your fellow club members, and as long as it's military-vehicle or military-vehicle accessory related, you can submit it. Since a picture speaks the proverbial "thousand words", please send me a halfway decent photograph via email (see 'contact us' for my email address) to back up your ad. Please ensure your ad contains the following or I'll have to reject it:

1) Price
2) Valid phone number AND email address (where applicable)
3) Realistic description (if you were buying or selling, what would you want to see in the ad?)
4) No language that fellow collectors every bit as responsible as yourself don't need to hear, including but not limited to: "no time-wasters"; "no tire- kickers" and/or "no wankers". Save it for Ebay.
5) Keep an eye on your ad and let me know if the item has sold, or you've found what you're looking for. Ads will be considered 'stale' 60 days after posting unless otherwise indicated.